Friday, February 19, 2016

Running an Oracle APEX application against MongoDB

This video demonstrates how to run an Oracle APEX application against MongoDB. The application contains a fully featured Interactive report and a form page running CRUD operations, both based on MongoDB data. 

In detail, it gives a brief introduction into the following techniques:
  • extracting data from a website with In this demonstration, the books about Oracle APEX are grabbed from an online store and will be used as example data for the application
  • uploading the data to MongoDB and showing the easy handling of a JSON-style data store
  • creating a RESTful API in Node.js using the modules Mongoose and Express.js
  • testing the Web Services with a REST client (PAW)
  • consuming the Web Services in Oracle APEX.  The data handling is achieved by using the latest JSON features shipped with Oracle Database 12c and Oracle APEX 5.

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  1. Thanks for the sharing. I think you could also try Octoparse ( to extract the data from websites. It could also automatically turn the unstructured data to structured data without any coding. Also, it provides API access to get data. You could have a try.